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Sri. Mohd Shafique Khan, Sagar, M.P.

Sri Mohd Shafique Khan is a crusader for animal protection, a propagator of Non-Violence & Vegetarianism and a social worker. The 54 year old bachelor, post graduate in criminology and forensic science, vehemently protested against animal sacrificing on Bakrid. This resulted in thousands of local inhabitants attacking his house and Mufti of Jama Masjid issuing a fatwa against him socially boycotting and imprisoning him on false complaints. He is relentlessly fighting against cruelty towards animals, alcoholism and works for environmental protection and social reforms.
Emotionally attached to Jain Acharyas, this nominee strongly opposes                   “Animal Sacrifice”, works for the welfare of tribals, eradication of prostitution and justice for weaker sections. He is also the Vice President of one “Vichar”, an NGO that works for welfare of weaker sections. Further, this orator and writer has been organising blood donation camps for Thellisimia Children since 2001.
He holds many positions like Life Member of “The Indian Society of Criminology”, Former Honourary Secretary of “Ahimsa Research Foundation”, Honourary Secretary of “Animal Rights International” (M.P.State), etc.
In his friends’ circle he is fondly known as: “The Vegetarian Tiger of Bundelkhand having the Brain of Socrates, Words of Kabir and Heart of Bhagwan Mahaveer”.
The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation is privileged to confer the Sixteenth Mahaveer Award on Sri Mohd Shafique Khan in recognition of his yeomen service in the field of Non-violence and Vegetarianism; fervently hoping that it would inspire scores of others to emulate his stupendous works.

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Sri Mohammed Shafique Khan receiving the 16th Mahaveer Award from Hon’ble
Sri M. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India for Non-violence & Vegetarianism

Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Churu, Rajasthan


Aimed at “Lighting the lamp where it is darkest” Gandhi Vidya Mandir (GVM) was established in 1950 at Churu, Rajasthan to serve about 200 surrounding villages. With its primary objective of providing education in the remote rural area from pre-primary class to Ph.D., GVM has successfully been working for the cause of education, rural welfare and empowerment of women. Further, through nearly 100 village centres, over 3000 boys and girls (in the age group of 6 to 14 years) are being extended Non-Formal Education.

GVM also provides home and security to orphans (Nirashrit Bal-Griha), teaches infants on Montessori systems, runs courses on Paramedical and allied health sciences, a dozen schools and about 4 dozen educational centres with ‘in-service’ trainings etc. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, a Farm Science centre run by GVM for turning the desert of Churu into a granary of substance etc., lays stress on vegetarianism. It is in fact catering to the needs of about 35000 students all over the country through its academic and study centres, despite being situated in an unfavourable location that too with no great external support.

The outstanding services rendered by GVM was duly recognized by elevating the status of one of its educational units IASE to the level of Deemed University.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation is honoured to confer the Sixteenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Education on Gandhi Vidya Mandir in due recognition of its great services hoping that it would definitely inspire many more to emulate this  institution.

Sri Kanakmal Dugar, Founder of Gandhi Vidya Mandir receiving the 16th Mahaveer Award from Hon’ble Sri M. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India for Education

Dr. R. Ravi Kannan, Silchar, Assam


The 48 year old Dr. R. Ravi Kannan who had previously worked at the Adyar Cancer Institute, Chennai for about 15 years is serving as the Director of Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre since 2007. His primary aim, is to develop it into a state of the art comprehensive Cancer Centre that would offer the best treatment to all, especially to  those who could not afford it, that too free of cost inclusive of accommodation, food and an employment centre in which able patients and attendants can work and earn daily income.

This hospital, the only somewhat full fledged cancer centre with modern facilities located in Barak Valley of Assam, is catering to needs of the patients from Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur etc. also. From a meagre 20 beds (with hardly 6% occupancy) and 23 staff, within a span of 5-6 years, it has grown in leaps and bounds. Presently with                63 beds (with almost 100% occupancy level), about 150 staff, ambulances etc., the hospital attends to above 3000 new and 14000 follow up patients annually.  This development is attributable substantially to Dr. Ravi Kannan.

Roughly about 75% of the patients are benefitted by free treatment or at subsidized rates. More than 60% of the treated patients are equipped to earn around                   Rs.3000/- p.m. by imparting professional training. This doctor is revered almost like a God in most of the Cancer prone areas of northeast.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation is pleased to confer the Sixteenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Medicine on Dr. Ravi Kannan in fitting recognition of his quality services anticipating that it would inspire many others to follow his footsteps.

Dr. R. Ravi Kannan receiving the 16th Mahaveer Award from Hon’ble
Sri M. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India for Medicine

Smt. Sushila Bohra, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

The 1940 born Smt. Sushila Bohra is a multifaceted personality in Social work, Academic institutions and Voluntary agencies. After the sad demise of her husband at her early age, she resumed studies and worked as Project Director, District Women Development Agency, Jodhpur which is devoted to the upliftment of women, the betterment of the visually impaired and deprived sections of the society. Though she has retired in 1999, she continues to devote herself to social work.

Further, she has been providing guidance in resolving family problems and in the abolition of the social evils like child marriages, dowry practice, untouchability etc.               She is focused mainly on issues of women and child development.

In 1977, she founded Netraheen Vikas Sansthan (a school for blind, deaf, dumb and mentally retarded children). She subsequently also established Bal Shobha Sansthan (an orphanage), Samgra Vikas Sansthan (a khadhi institute), etc. So far more than 500 blind students (of whom above 150 being girls) are benefitted due to her tireless service.

A multi purpose disabled unit Acharya Hasti was started by her in association with Department of Social Welfare, Government of Rajasthan for rehabilitation of                  deaf & dumb, mentally retarded and blind students. At present about 200 students are being provided free lodging, boarding and education here.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation proudly confers the Sixteenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Community and Social Service on Smt. Sushila Bohra  duly recognizing her pioneering services envisaging that it would certainly motivate many others  to follow her suit.

Smt. Sushila Bohra receiving the 16th Mahaveer Award from Hon’ble
M. Hamid Ansari, Vice President of India for Community & social service

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