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Sri Sarada Ashram, Ulundhurpet, Tamil Nadu

Founded in 1979 at Virudhachalam and run by 40 monastic sisters (sanyasinis),  Sri Sarada Ashram is functioning at Ulundurpet since 1985.

It is running an orphanage, two schools- Gurukulam with 600 and another at Ulundurpet with 3700 students and the recently started Arts & Science and B.Ed colleges educating hundreds of students. Besides family counseling, an old age home is also run by it. Further, it manages free dispensaries, laboratory, hospital, organising camps etc., besides coordinating with about 500 SHGs (spread out in 130 villages), running vocational training programmes, entrepreneurship development projects and organizing free computer classes for girls.

In co-operation with Government agencies the Ashram has been actively working for rural development & resources management, aimed at sustainable and improved agriculture growth; propagating organic farming; water shed programmes, maintaining herbal gardens etc.

Relief operations aimed at reaching out the victims of natural calamities, cultural and spiritual services also form part of its activities. Over the decades, the Ashram’s activities have been benefitting lacs of people from many villages.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation is honoured to confer the Seventeenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Education on Sri Sarada Ashram.

BMF Awards

Swamini Nitya Viveka Priya Amba, Sri Sarada Ashram receiving the
17th Mahaveer Award from Dr. S S Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus -
Sankara Nethralaya for Education





One of our country’s largest animal welfare organizations, Blue Cross of India (BCI), was founded in 1959 by Captain Sundaram and the current Chairman Emeritus Dr. Chinny Krishna being one among the Founders.

BCI has toiled to ban export of frogs legs & monkeys for experimentation and Jalli Kattu (Bull Racing). As the humane way to control street dog population, BCI’spioneering launch of ABC (Animal Birth Control) programme for sterilization of dogs and vaccinating them against rabies is being replicated by advanced countries.

BCI has various departments like puppy & dog, kitten & cat shelters, aviary, goshala, operation theatres, outpatient clinics & humane education centre that educates the youth on ahimsa (non-violence), vegetarianism & environmental protection. Through its three shelters at Chennai, Kanchipuram & Thiruvallur Districts, BCI has rescued cattle from being illegally transported to slaughter houses, fought various cases to save many animals and has been serving the cause of sick, confined & injured animals.

The  Bhagwan  Mahaveer  Foundation  is  privileged  to  confer  the  Seventeenth Mahaveer Award on Blue Cross of India.


Dr. Chinny Krishna, Blue Cross of India receiving 17th Mahaveer Award
from Dr. S S Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus - Sankara Nethralaya
for Non-violence (Animal Welfare)



"Healer in the Hills” Dr. Sunil Sanon along with his doctor wife has been extending health services by running a hospital and conducting health camps for the rural poor besides promoting education by financially assisting the unaffordable students through “Divine Light Trust” founded by them. Further this motivational guide is working on environmental issues also.

Since 1980, he has organised over a thousand free medical camps, treated about a lakh of patients free of cost, planted around 15,000 saplings, distributed 1000 pressure cookers for limestone workers in Mussoorie Hills to reduce wood consumption for fuel, addressed hundreds of meetings on state of environment to various agencies produced the first video “Mussoorie Calls for Help” on ecological sensitivities. He is nominated by Government of India, to impart training to farmers.

People not only from Mussoorie but Dehradun, far-flung areas of Pauri Garhwal, Tehri Garhwal of Uttarakhand, Saharanpur and Western U.P are benefitted by his services. Indeed, he is revered as “God Sent” by hundreds of coolies, petty traders and poor farmers of many villages in and around Dehradun.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation is pleased to confer the Seventeenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Medicine on Dr. Sunil Sanon.


Dr. Sunil Sanon receiving 17th Mahaveer Award from
Dr. S S Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus - Sankara Nethralya for Medicine



Smt. Phoolbasan Bai Yadav, 44, became the first women in the district of Rajnandgaon in organising the ‘Pragya Women Self Help Group’. Its activities include village cleanliness, sanitation, teaching tailoring, brick manufacturing and running cottage industries for income generation. She established 12,000 women SHGs with 2 lakh members and a group saving of Rs.17 Crores.

Further, she has organised national campaigns on health, literacy, save water etc. She has prevented 600 child marriages, adopted 2800 girls, influenced 4000 women to learn cycling and arranged for the closure of 250 liquor shops in rural areas. Moreover she has persuaded many men in 625 villages to quit drinking. She has also ensured women participation in Gram Sabhas and served the earthquake victims of Gujarat. Her activities cover organising “Bal Bhoj” (serving food items) for 4000 infants from Anganvadis and supply of food for 1600 Women Self Help Groups which run mid day meal programmes.

She has also become the brand ambassador for Janai Suraksha Yojna (maternity security scheme) for the Rajnandgaon district. The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation proudly confers the Seventeenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Community and Social Service on Smt. Phoolbasan Bai Yadav.


Smt. Phoolbasan Bai Yadav, Chattisgarh receiving 17th Mahaveer award
from Dr. S S Badrinath, Chairman Emeritus - Sankara
Nethralaya for Community & social service

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