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Established in 1996, by Sri. Pradeep Kumar Nath, at Visakapatnam, A.P, VSPCA has been working for the cause of animals, birds, reptiles and promotion of vegetarianism. Banning of Animal Transports & Sacrifices, implementation of programs like Animal Birth Control (ABC), cobra, monkey & parrot rescue operations, disaster & flood relief, migratory bird & sea turtle protection, providing nutritious vegan (vegetarian, also avoiding milk products) meals for the “animal friendly - poor people”, animal adoption and cattle respect projects, prevention of auctioning and illegal slaughtering of cows & oxen and usage of plastics etc. are some of its major activities.

It has two shelters for housing hundreds of cows, monkeys, parrots, dogs, cats etc., where natural fertilizers are also manufactured. The construction of the third one at about 100 kms from the city is nearing completion.

The lengthy list of huge numbers of cows, turtles, baby parrots, cobras etc. saved also include 2500 painted storks and pelicans, besides protection of 40 endangered monitor lizards, handing over of 24 lions rescued from circuses to Animal Care Center for Rehabilitation etc.

BMF Awards

During the 2004 Tsunami and floods in the subsequent three years, the Society has extended medical aid to about 35000 animals & 30000 humans at Orissa. Since last 5 years VSPCA has provided nutritious lunch to over 50000 poor persons compassionate towards animals. At its 'Shelter/ Hospital/ Refuge centres various trees and plants, vineyards totally organic are grown as well as natural fertilizers and bio gas are produced from the rescued animals & bird’s excreta etc. Banning the auction of about 20000 male calves annually by the Simachalam temple as also protection of sea turtles and legal prevention of usage of coloured plastic bags (which when eaten by cowsresult in their severe suffering) deserve special mention.

VSPCA was listed as one among the top ten of the World, by the Animal People Magazine.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation is privileged to confer the Eighteenth Mahaveer Award on Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals in recognition of its yeomen service in the field of Non-violence & Vegetarianism inducing others to follow.



Sri Pradeep Kumar Nath, Founder & President of Visakha Society for Protection & Care of Animals receiving the 18th Mahaveer Award from Sri Thaawarchand Gehlot, Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt of India,
for Non-violence & Vegetarianism





Inspired by the father of our nation’s statement "When we educate a man we educate an individual, when we educate a woman we educate a family", "Kasthurba Gandhi Kanya Gurukulam", was founded at Vedaraniam, Nagapatinam district, Tamilnadu, by the Freedom Fighter Sardar A.Vedaratnam ; for the betterment of the underprivileged and orphaned girls . “They are taken care of, adopted, brought up, educated, sent for higher education / skill trained, made self reliant and married to suitable grooms". Abhayadhanam, Annadhanam, Vastradhanam, Sastradhanam, Vidyadhanam, Aushadadhanam, Kanyahdanam and Gosamrakshanam are some of its major projects.

Currently, around 2000 girl students are educated free of cost (600 hostelries and 200 coming from broken families/orphans). A target population of 3 lakhs from the thirteen surrounding coastal villages of Vedaraniam are so far benefitted by the Gurukulam which extends 'stay and study' for the socially deprived girl children, also offering higher studies to deserving students, all free of cost. Further, the Gurululam promotes literacy as also environmental and 'AIDS' awareness by conducting various programmes.

Moreover, it also runs a Goshala (Cow Care Centre) with 70 cattles in a 30 acred land, where agriculture activities are also carried out. This NGO that also holds the Guinness World Record (2003) for planting maximum number of saplings has rushed to extend its helping hand during natural calamities like Tsunami.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation is honoured to confer the Eighteenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Education on Kasthurba Gandhi Kanya Gurukulam in due recognition of its significant services hoping that it would inspire many more to emulate it.


Sri Vedarathinam, Managing Trustee of Kasturba Gandhi Kanya Gurukulam receiving the 18th Mahaveer Award from Sri Thaawarchand Gehlot, Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt of India, for Education


SEVAC (Sane and Enthusiast Volunteers' Association of Calcutta), Kolkata, West Bengal

In 1994 – 95, SEVAC was established to serve the mentally ill, focusing on treatment, rehabilitation and promoting their ‘human rights’ (HR). SEVAC’s activities range from unchaining of mental patients languishing in temples under the name of faith-healing to working in prisons & custodial houses, extending effective treatment by providing occupational therapy and ensuring Psycho-Social rehabilitation.

It runs a licensed Mental Health Institution, besides continuing with its Day Care Centre with occupational therapy & rehabilitation activities and an Out Patients Department. Further it launched a 30 bedded Halfway Home, being used as a transit home for those who are on the way to recovery, a unit for handling violent ones, a rehabilitation centre in the ‘club house model’ also extending Psychiatric care to disaster victims and toiling for the cause of the marginalised including the senile.

Through its pioneering projects nomenclatured Operation Commitment, Operation Oasis, Operation Disha etc. and instruments for advocacy of HR, SEVAC is rehabilitating the mentally affected A few thousands of mental patients have already been treated at the SEVAC's main centre at Calcutta. Further, the OPD at Dumdum Central Jail, SMM Liluah Home and the Female Vagrant Homes at Litharepada - Hooghly District have taken care of 100s of such patients. So far under Operation Oasis around 3000 persons were screened in Jails to detect and treat mentally ill. So also out of 700 mentally affected ones in the 5 Vagrant Homes about 550 were found to be mentally retarded, out of whom about 10% could only be cured.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation is pleased to confer the Eighteenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Medicine on Sane and Enthusiast Volunteers' Association of Calcutta in fitting recognition of their quality services anticipating it to inspire many to follow them.


Dr.Tapas Kumar Ray, Founder of SEVAC receiving the 18th Mahaveer Award from Sri Thaawarchand Gehlot, Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice & Empowerment,
Govt of India, for Medicine



Established in 1993 “Vikas Bharti” has been striving for upliftment of tribal folks in theareas of education , health, agriculture and livelihood in 24 backward districts of Jharkhand through SHGs, running education institutions like Koyleshwar and hospitals like Mobile Medical Unit.

Mr. Ashok Bhagat, its secretary revived the Tana Bhagat movement started in 1914 for propagating the concept of non-violence, by starting to live together with tribal groups. They were made aware about utilization of forest and other natural resources, economic, cultural and spiritual requirements thereby initiating the civilization process in the tribal belt of Jharkhand.

Since 2008, 28 lacs of patients have been examined through mobile medical unit and extended training for capacity building to 25,000 health workers inclusive of government officials & Angan Wadi Sevikas. While Special bridge courses for dropped out and never enrolled students have benefitted 20,000 children, vocational training helped another 20,000; SC/ST including.

Vikas Bharti’s activities profoundly influenced the behavior of the primitive groups by aiding the shift from their animal hunting to agriculture practices for sustained livelihood leading to the tribal community’s empowerment. Education and Health care were introduced one by one. Transforming to new livelihood openings, trimming down violence & naxalism, the NGO has elevated them into a civilized lot, self reliant and cultured. Awareness on health and hygiene were also slowly inculcated amongst the schedule and primitive tribes. The nominee’s devising novel projects, partnering with the various Government departments, reputed universities, National & International agencies and implementing them successfully; using the expertise of dedicated human force, huge financial requirements being met through Government grants, International development relief funds and agencies such as NABARD, National Child Protection Council etc., aid paving the way for the emergence of a robust Society.

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation proudly confers the Eighteenth Mahaveer Award in the field of Community and Social Service on Vikas Bharti duly recognizing their pioneering services envisaging that it would certainly motivate many others to follow them.



Sri Ashok Bhagat, Secretary of Vikas Bharti, Bishunpur receiving the 18th
Mahaveer Award from Sri Thaawarchand Gehlot, Hon’ble Minister for Social
Justice & Empowerment, Govt of India, for Community & social service


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