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Founder Trustee

Shri N Sugalchand Jain

Founder Trustee

Shri N.Sugalchand Jain belongs to a unique enterprising family of hardworking, forward looking clan. Shri Sugalchand Jain, a native from Siyat village Sojat Road in the Pali District of Rajasthan, came to Chennai with his father, Shri Nathmal Jain, and has been living in Chennai for the past 77 years.

Shri N.Sugalchand Jain is an active member in various well-renowned institutions like Cancer Institute, Sankara Nethralaya, People for Animals Chennai etc. He is the Governing Council Member of Cancer Institute Adyar since 1983 and also the Governing Board Member of Sankara Nethralaya. He was closely associated with late Dr.Shanta and Late Dr.Krishnamurthy.

In one of his discussions with late Dr. Shanta and late Dr. Krishnamurthy, it emerged that there is a shortage of Palliative care centres in our country. His empathy towards the sufferings of the terminally ill and the suggestions of Dr Shanta, resulted in the establishment of Mahaveer Ashray, a palliative care facility for the terminally ill persons in Sri Perumbudur. The Ashray, situated in 5 acres of land is 50 bedded care centre housed in a well-planned aesthetic building with equipment, furniture and patient-comfort ambience. This state-of-the-art Palliative Care Centre was inaugurated by Shri Narendra Modi, Honourable Prime Minister of India on 12/04/2018.

The altruistic desire of Shri N.Sugalchand Jain for human welfare led to the establishment and donation of the Bhagwan Adinath Jain complex in the year 1984 in which the general OPD runs in Cancer Institute. He also donated the Oncology block in 1982 and Bhagwan Mahaveer Vishranti Graha in 2011.

He holds positions in the following prominent institutions rendering health care services

  • Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar – Governing Council Member and Ex-Chairman
  • Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai – Board member and Ex-Treasurer
  • Sri Jain Medical Relief Society – Executive Committee Member
  • Voluntary Health Services, Chennai – Former Manging Trustee
  • Child Trust Hospital, Chennai- Former Trustee
  • Mediciti Hospital, Hyderabad – Former Executive Committee Member

He donated a patient block to Voluntary Health Services, Chennai and Smt.Jadavbai Nathmal Singhvee Glaucoma service to Sankara Nethralaya.

Shri Sugalchand Jain has initiated numerous philanthropic initiatives in the fields of education. He holds positions in the following educational institutions

  • Avvai Home, Chairman
  • Ganadipathy Tulsi’s Jain Engineering College, Vellore – Managing Trustee
  • Vardhaman Shikshan Samiti, Beawar, Executive Committee Member
  • S.S Jain Educational Society, Executive Committee Member
  • Rajasthani Educational Foundation - Executive Committee Member & Former Secretary
  • Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Former Vice Chairman

Shri Sugalchand Jain donated of 10 acres of land to Rajasthani Educational Foundation for the establishment of Mahaveer Rajasthani International School, Goodapakkam, Chennai in the year 2008.

The welfare of the animals is very close to his heart. He donated 18.4 acres of land in Uthukottai, near Chennai, and established the animal shelter, Jinendra Jeevdaya Kendra where the animals are living peacefully in a very natural ambience, full of greenery and trees, and comfortable & safe shelters. He has built and donated the shelter to the People for Animals Chennai of which he is the Founder Trustee.

Shri Sugalchand is a multifaceted personality. With humble beginnings, he tried his hand in trading, small industry, pawn brokering, pen selling, mehndi (Heena Powder) selling and lottery. No field is too small or too big or too difficult for this highly talented and persevering individual. He created a very successful business empire in lottery.

He succeeded in almost all his ventures and decided that time had come for him to give back to society and he began to very actively assist the weak and the voiceless and participate in philanthropy from 1974. The love for humanity, the intention to serve the less privileged of the society led to the establishment of the following charitable Trusts.

Jains India Trust was established in 2002 by Shri Sugalchand Jain to provide relief to the needy members of Jain community. It aims to propagate Jainism as a way of life, promotes the philosophy, literature and architecture of Jainism. It grants scholarships to the deserving school & college students of the Jain community. Since inception about 9900 students have been given scholarship.

The Trust also provides stipend to students pursuing higher studies in Jainology in the University of Madras. Since inception about 230 students have been given stipend.

The Trust provides financial assistance to the needy widows, deserted women and other deserving people belonging to Jain community for the maintenance of their livelihood. Since inception about 810 widows have been given financial assistance.

For more details visit the website: www.jainsindia.org

Echoing Bhagwan Mahaveer’s universal philosophy of “Live and Let Live”, the Singhvi Charitable Trust was established in 1974. It fulfills the desire to help the deserving and assist the underprivileged of our society.The Trust embarks upon socially significant activities and tackles the current problems of the underprivileged through its activities with special focus on health care. The Trust also encourages fellow human beings to contribute in the up-liftment of the society by selflessly serving them.

Catering to the weaker sections of the society, the Trust organizes dental and eye camps on:

  • Every Sunday in rural Tamil Nadu
  • Daily in-house camps at Singhvi Scan & Diagnostic Centre, Triplicane, Chennai
  • Medical camps in Pali district, Rajasthan

Since inception, the Trust has successfully conducted 913 rural camps 4070 in-house camps.

About 3 Lakh pairs of Spectacles have been distributed to the needy and free medicines have been distributed to about 1 lakh patients.

The Singhvi Charitable Trust also provides Diagnostic and pathological lab services in the Singhvi Scan & Diagnostic Centre, Triplicane at affordable price.

The Trust also gives assistance of ₹10,000 for heart surgery. More than 1000 patients have been benefitted till date.

Since, 2001, the Trust celebrates the dawn of the New Year by contributing generously to institutions providing selfless services to the poor and needy.

Singhvi Charitable Trust built and donated Mahaveer Ashray, a state of the art Palliative Care Centre in Smt. Chandrabai Singhvi Campus in 2017 in Sriperumbudur. It was handed over to Cancer Institute (WIA), Adyar on 22nd June, 2017. It is the unit of Cancer Institute, Adyar.

The Ashray, situated in 5 acres of land is 50 bedded and is a state of the art care centre housed in a well planned aesthetic building with equipment, furniture and patient-comfort ambience. The Ashray focuses on diminishing the pain of the terminally ill patients, relieve sufferings of the inmates and assist them to spend their remaining days with dignity and comfort. It meets the urgent need of the terminally ill persons.

For more details visit the website: www.singhvi.co.in

Vidhya Jyothi Trust was established with the aim of providing education at an affordable cost. The Trust also focuses on developing new institutions for imparting higher education. Shri Sugalchand Jain established this Trust in 2000.

Vidhya Jyothi Trust is running three schools in Triplicane, Chennai namely, SJNS Jain Matriculation Higher Secondary School, SJNS nursery & primary school, Big street, SJNS Jain Nursery & Primary School, Ponnappa Lane having a total strength of 1547 students and one college Mahaveer Institute of Technology & Science in Pali, Rajasthan having 506 students. Vidhya Jyothi Trust is committed to excellence in education and provides scholarship to the deserving candidates. No capitation or donation is collected by any of our education institutions.

Empathy Foundation is a Public charitable trust with its base in Mumbai, established in 2005 and is the CSR initiative of M/S Sugal and Damani. It works mainly in the field of providing educational infrastructure and in providing Healthcare services in rural Maharashtra and in the slum areas of Greater Mumbai. Apart from these two main activities, the other activities done by Empathy Foundation are:

  • Rain water harvesting in rural Maharashtra
  • Provision of solar lights both home and street lights for remote villages situated in the hilly terrain of Maharashtra
  • Providing drinking water by deepening well, canals and sinking bore wells
  • Village adoption for holistic development

The Foundation has constructed 151 schools. The schools are situated in the rural districts of Raigad, Ratnagiri, Thane (Navi Mumbai) Beed, Sangli, Kolhapur, Pune, Satara, Sindhudurg and Solapur in the State of Maharashra.

Foundation conducts health camps for free Eye / Dental check up free distribution of spectacles, and has tie up with Raigad Zilla Parishad under Rural Health Program called Manav Vikas Karyakram.

The group of companies of which Shri Sugalchand Jain is mentor has been providing financial assistance to individuals and institutions rendering service to the members of the poorer sections of the community.

Shri Jain has kept in touch with his native State of Rajasthan and has been doing his best for the development of the State. He has donated a school at the place of his birth. Further Shri Sugalchand Jain provides relief to the public on occasions such as drought and natural calamities. In addition, he has, over the years, made substantial financial contribution to various institutions in Rajasthan engaged in community service. His family has also contributed to setting up of a school, a fodder bank at his native village for relief of cattle as also a primary health center at their village.

Shri Jain’s family has donated 10 acres of land to Mahaveer Rajasthani International School which has been set up by Rajasthani Educational Foundation in the year 2008, a non-profit Trust working to enhance the standards of educational excellence at the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic level.

Shri Jain has also made available his expertise in the field of running lotteries in the cause of social service by assisting institutions such as Mediciti Hospital in Hyderabad, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan and Cancer Institute, Adayar, Chennai.

By associating Shri Jain with their management, premier institutions engaged in community service, such as the Cancer Institute, People for Animals, Sankara Nethralaya, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Rajasthani Educational Foundation Tamilnadu and Veerayatan, Rajgir, Bihar, an institution serving the tribals of Bihar have availed themselves of the benefit of his entrepreneurial skills.