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His Excellency Shri M K Narayanan, Governor of West Bengal presenting the 14th Mahaveer Award to Sri Dayananda Swamiji, Bangalore, Karnataka for Excellence in Non-violence & Vegetarianism

Sri Dayananda Swamiji, 50, an active campaigner for the cause of “Non-violence and Vegetarianism” over the past quarter century, despite getting initiated to preach Baswa Dharma tenets; driven by his concern for the mute animals, has started a movement in his native State of Karnataka to convert it into a violence free one , towards animals.

He persuaded the Karnataka State Government to replace the supply of eggs for school students with serving of milk and made it enact the :”The Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill 2010”. Further he established two movements for protection of animals; called CPF- Cow Protection Force and APF- Animal Protection Force involving respectively all the communities and Vegetarians only. Also he successfully stopped the establishment of a mechanized slaughter house at Bangalore and closed the Al-Kabeer slaughter house at Hyderabad for about eighteen months, through his aggressive agitation..

In his native and other neighboring States, he has rescued more than 1000 cows and other animals. He halted animal sacrifice in many places in Karnataka, especially in temples. Further, he has led rallies and addressed many gatherings towards propagating vegetarianism.

Swami Dayananda who secured a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and got trainined in Medicine of biochemistry, homeopathy science and acupuncture is holding many vital positions including that of the Chairmanship of World Animal Welfare Board. This full time crusader hailing from a farmer’s family dreams to establish a Cow Protection Force covering all villages.

His Excellency Shri M K Narayanan, Governor of West Bengal presenting the 14th Mahaveer Award to Sri Pradeep Kumar Shingavi, Founder, Indian Planetary Soceity, Mumbai, Maharashtra for Excellence in Education

The Indian Planetary Society , established in 2000 endeavours to popularize Planetary Science, Solar Physics and Astrophysical Science among children, students and the general public. With 7 powerful telescopes, 4 planetaria, 200 frames on science & astronomy etc at its disposal to organise exhibitions in schools to familiarise science and scientists.

The Society conducts correspondence courses on scientific subjects like Astronomy, Astrophysics, Earth Quake Studies, Vedic Maths etc., aids researches, publishes books and and runs Vedhsalas at Naranpura and Science centres at Bhuj and Borivali. It further organizes seminars, workshops and has so far has also conducted Four international conferences.

The Society which has so far produced 4 documentary films in 3 languages has come out with the bimonthly science magazines namely Virat Surya and Kids science. The Society has arranged thousands of people to view many astronomical happenings and has bagged many recognitions, including a National award (2004). And also, it is recognized as a Research Organization by Govt. of India,. About 10 lakh people are estimated to be utilising its services.

His Excellency Shri M K Narayanan, Governor of West Bengal presenting the 14th Mahaveer Award to Dr. E S Krishnamurthy, Hony. Secy., Voluntary Health Services,Chennai for Excellence in Medicine

Voluntary Health Services, a non-profit charitable organization catering to the medical needs of the poor and middle income groups of the community was founded in 1958 by Dr. K S Sanjivi, a doyen of the medical arena.Today it is a tertiary teaching 405-bed hospital with almost all the specialties and is being served by over a hundred reputed doctors, honorarily.

About 60% of the patients are treated free of cost, inclusive of diet and medicines. Since the past four decades, the hospital is conducting PG diploma courses in Medical Lab. Technology, Health and Hospital Administration, Nutrition and Hospital Dietetics and in Nursing. VHS has established a Care Centre for Haemophilia jointly with the later Society’s Madras Chapter.

As per its visionary founder’s foresight, to cover a wider population living in the rural areas, VHS has spread its wings into outreach programmes by opening mini centres. Fourteen such centres (each covering a population of 5,000 to 10,000) of VHS is presently serving the villagers. Dr. Sanjivi who believed that “Nothing given free will be appreciated” had suggested levying of a small fee towards annual subscription, paved the way for health insurance.

With the Government of India and U.S. Agency, VHS is into AIDS Prevention and Control Project. Since 2004 TAI (TN Aids Initiative) project, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates administers through VHS, the Aids prevention programme in 13 districts of T.N. Under this project the VHS-MAC Institute manages 31 STI clinics. The VHS YRG Care centre with 24 beds treats HIV patients.

The air-conditioned Jayammal Chakravarthi Acute Care Centre with round the clock service has 24 beds including private rooms. The VHS-Rajaji Centre treating alcoholics and drug addicts has 22 beds. This institution’s services are fairly well known.


His Excellency Shri M K Narayanan, Governor of West Bengal presenting the 14th Mahaveer Award to Dr. J J Rawal, Snehalaya Social Charitable Trust, Solapur, Maharashtra for Excellence in Community & social service

Snehalaya Social CharitableTrust, an ISO 9001 certified organization has been rehabilitating commercial workers and their children over a decade. Besides taking care of more than 300 such children it has rescued 400 women and 28 minor girls from red light area and counselled above 500 families.

It runs a Children’s hostel, Primary and High School, a Rehabilitation Centre for HIV/AIDS positive children and women, a Vocational and an Agro Training Centre and a cows Shelter. The schools teach the children from K G to 12th standard with a strength of around 800, of which about 500 are coming from a little over a dozen surrounding villages.

The Trust takes tiny Children aged between 3 and 6, so that it is easier to teach them their responsibility and moral values. In fact Snehalaya has seen these children grow up and maturing to pull up their mothers out of harlotism; besides teaching them about good hygiene, ill effects of smoking and consumption of alcohol etc Some have recently completed the Master’s and Business Degrees.

Ummid, its sister institution rehabilitates and extends medical support to HIV positive women and children. The Trust has bagged more than fifty awards, including the coveted national honour (2006), State Government and many NGO’s recognitions.

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