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Mahaveer Awards For Essays

The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation felt the desire and need to acquaint the young people with the Universal Message of Peace & Harmonious co-existence preached by Bhagwan Mahaveer, the 24th Tirthankara, who lived 2600 years ago, and highlight the relevance of the teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer in the contemporary world. With this objective in mind The Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation instituted the “Mahaveer Award for Essays” in Tamil and English for the students of schools & colleges situated in and around Chennai. This competition was started in 2016 and held every year. The response of students and teachers of schools and colleges is very encouraging. The competitions were not conducted last 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Till now 5 offline Essay competitions and 2 online competitions have been conducted. The Foundation appreciates the active and enthusiastic participation of schools and colleges. The Foundation is very pleased to inform that the 7th Mahaveer Award for Essays competition was conducted online for School students in August 2023. Students from remote districts of Tamil Nadu actively participated in the competition. The Essay competition is conducted by SJNS Jain Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Triplicane, Chennai on behalf of the Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation.


To encourage participation, the Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation gives cash prizes to the winners of the competition. The winners are honoured by presenting the cheque in a function. The following are the cash prizes for various levels:

Prize Level 1 (VI – VIII Std) Level 2 (IX – XII Std)
1st Prize Rs. 5,000 Rs. 15,000
2nd Prize Rs. 3,000 Rs. 10,000
3rd Prize Rs. 2,000 Rs. 5,000
Consolation Prizes Rs.1,000 (For 5 students) Rs. 2,500 (For 5 students)

Topics for the Competition

Keeping in mind the primary objective of the Essay competition, namely to introduce the young people to the life and teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer and gradually enhance their interest and understanding and recognise the relevance of His teachings in modern times, the topics are announced.

Topics are decided by eminent Jain scholars.
The topic for the 3 levels for First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Mahaveer Award for Essays Competition is given below:

Level I Mahaveer Award for Essay II Mahaveer Award for Essay III Mahaveer Award for Essay IV Mahaveer Award for Essay V Mahaveer Award for Essay VI & VII Mahaveer Award for Essay
Level 1 Bhagwan Mahaveer’s Life and Teachings Life and Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer Life and Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer Life and Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer Life and Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer Life & Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaeer
Level 2 Bhagwan Mahaveer’s Life and Teachings Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer and World Peace Life and Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer Relevance of Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer in today’s world Ahimsa propounded by Bhagwan Mahaveer alone can ensure World Peace Life & Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer
Level 3 Bhagwan Mahaveer’s Philosophy and its relevance to the Modern Age Principles of Bhagwan Mahaveer and solutions to World Problems Relevance of Teachings of Bhagwan Mahaveer in contemporary world Bhagwan Mahaveer and his philosophy of Ahimsa Bhgawan Mahaveer and Secularism  


Date of Prize Function No. of schools participated No. of students from schools No. of colleges participated No. of students from colleges Total students
I 16-04-2016 22 3045 11 1274 4319
II 01-07-2017 54 6253 33 2397 8650
III 03-02-2018 84 17276 26 2757 20033
IV 19-01-2019 85 26152 39 5231 31383
V 08-02-2020 113 39192 28 12879 52071
VI 11-03-2023 2670 2670
VII 06-01-2024 1190 1190

Download Books for the 6th Mahaveer Awards for Essays competition

Books PDF
Reference Book 1 - Tamil Download
Reference Book 1 - English Download
Reference Book 2 - Tamil Download
Reference Book 2 - English Download