Award For Education

Education is the panacea (medicine) for all social ills and a means for progress, empowerment and peace. Persons and institutions providing education, preferably to the under-privileged, the weak and the rural folks of our society need to be recognized, honoured and encouraged.

The award is given to inspire people to do selfless service in the field of Education for the needy and poor and provide opportunity and facilitate for their education. The award is for excellence in human endeavour in the field of Education.

The activities of the nominee may include the following:

  • Potential ideas that bring about improvement in educational practice.
  • Efforts to educate the people living in remote rural areas.
  • Improvement in communication systems, Computer technology, Literacy campaigns, improvement in attendance in rural schools, reduction of school dropouts etc.
  • Achievements through Innovative educational practices.
  • Contribution to the furtherance of Education Movement.
  • Education may include vocational training or any alternative system of education, education for the differently abled children, promoting indigenous knowledge, application of technology in education, etc.
  • Care, education and rehabilitation of the mentally retarded and the physically challenged (including spastics, slow learners) and dyslexic children and so on.

To promote the pursuit and spread of knowledge, the Award honours such individuals and institutions with a cash award of Rs.10 lakhs, a citation and a memento.

Recipients Of Mahaveer Awards For The Excellence In Human Endeavour In The Field Of Education

Award Year Awardees
21st 2018 Ramanujan School of Mathematics, Patna, Bihar
20th 2017 AIM For Seva, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
19th 2016 Dr. Sapam Nabakishore, Silchar, Cachar Dist., Assam
18th 2015 Kasthurba Gandhi Kanya Gurukulam, Vedaraniam, Tamil Nadu
17th 2015 Sri Sarada Ashram, Ulundhurpet, Tamil Nadu
16th 2013 Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Churu, Rajasthan
15th 2012 Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
14th 2011 The Indian Planetary Society, Mumbai, Maharashtra